“Global warming is happening with a rapidity that leaves me speechless”

“When it comes to climate change, our biggest problem isn’t that we don’t think it’s real. It’s that we don’t think we can fix it.That’s why Peter Kalmus is my favorite type of person – a pragmatic idealist. He’s a scientist, so he doesn’t minimize the nature of our predicament. Yet he runs headlong towards that challenge with a joy and an infectious enthusiasm that buoys the spirit.

So often, we feel that nothing we do will make a difference. Peter doesn’t just dispel that myth, he buries it. These gut-wrenchingly honest yet obstinately hopeful reflections provide a roadmap to building our own personal bulwark against the storm we face today.”

Katharine Hayhoe

Climate Scientist

“What does an astrophysicist do if he learns that civilization is on path toward oblivion? If he’s Peter Kalmus, he meditates, examines his life, and makes significant changes to reduce his personal carbon output. Then he writes a book. The result is a humane and intelligent exploration of what anyone can do to reduce climate impact — and live a better life in the process.”

Richard Heinberg

Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute

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