My name is Peter Kalmus. I’m a climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab working on cloud physics, remote sensing, and data science (speaking here on my own behalf). I try to avoid burning fossil fuels, which requires creativity in today’s world. I now emit under 2 tonnes of CO2 per year, down from about 20 tonnes per year (the U.S. average).

A few years ago, my awareness of climate change reached the point where I had no choice but to respond in some meaningful way. But this is a tall order: global warming is intertwined deeply with our lives, physically,

socially, and spiritually. How can we respond, as individuals? What can we do, right here, right now, with what we have? How can we live happy and fulfilling lives even in the shadow of global warming?

I’ve radically reduced my fossil fuel to shift the culture and create space for systems change, and because I like it better.

I’m the author of the award-winning book, Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution, published by New Society.