Things I'm thinking about and working on now

Climate advocates are much more effective when they “walk the talk” by burning less fossil fuel in their own lives. For me, this meant #FlyingLess. I haven’t flown since 2012, and I started the website The stories there are inspiring: people pioneering how to have productive careers while flying less, or in many cases not at all. The site is also generating significant media attention and has been instrumental toward shifting the culture away from flying and toward a greater sense of climate urgency, thereby paving the way for democracies to enact systems change.

If you are #FlyingLess, please tell your story at! We are a small group of volunteers, and we’d welcome your help. If you’d like to help the site grow, please contact me.


Greta Thunberg inspired my sons, Zane and Braird, to school strike for climate as well. They were among the first climate strikers in the US. As their dad, I was naturally interested to talk to other parents of school striking kids to see how they were doing it. I’ve known Greta’s mom Malena for several years through our work in the #FlyingLess movement, so I reached out to her first. I then got to know other parents in North America. We support our kids in organizing FridaysForFuture_USA.


The school strikers’ action is reasonable given the best available science. I’ve organized two major open letters in support of the school striking youth, including this open letter from the world’s scholars.


Earth Hero (app)

I co-founded Earth Hero, a non-profit team of about 20 volunteers creating a smart phone app that will help users shift the culture away from fossil fuels and toward a massive climate mobilization. It track users’ greenhouse gas emissions and helps them to reduce those emissions, but it’s much more than that. It also helps them engage politically, and to create communities with others who share their interests, both in terms of advocacy and low-carbon living. 

Earth Hero is still a work in progress, and we could use your help! We are especially interested in Swift and Java developers. If you’d like to pitch in, please contact me. 

Book project

My second book: coming soon. It focuses on the youth perspective, with a forward by Greta Thunberg. It’s a clear overview of the science and solutions, but above all it focuses on connecting with readers emotionally. But it’s really not a YA book: while it focuses on the youth perspective, it’s intended for all ages. The book is my highest non-science priority and it’s going too slowly!

I’m currently about 1/3 done with the manuscript and looking for a literary agent. If you are an agent who might be interested in this project, or you may have a referral, please contact me.

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