A few of the things I'm working on now

Climate advocates are much more effective when they “walk the talk” by burning less fossil fuel in their own lives. For me, this meant #FlyingLess. I haven’t flown since 2012, because flying feels wrong to me. Burning any fossil fuel feels wrong, but flying creates such huge emissions. The stories at inspire me, and the site generates significant media attention and has been instrumental in shifting society to greater climate urgency, thereby paving the way for democracies to enact systems change.

If you are #FlyingLess, please tell your story at! We are a small group of volunteers, and we’d welcome your help. If you’d like to help the site grow, please contact me.


Greta Thunberg inspired my sons, Zane and Braird, to school strike for climate. Their first strikes were in December 2018, and they were among the first few climate strikers in the US. As their dad, I wanted to connect to other parents of school striking kids. I’ve known Greta’s mom Malena for several years through our mutual interest in the #FlyingLess movement, so I connected with her and then with parents of strikers in North America. We support our kids in organizing FridaysForFuture_USA.


The school strikers’ action is reasonable given the best available science. I’ve organized two open letters in support of the school striking youth, including this open letter from the world’s scholars


Earth Hero (app)

I co-founded Earth Hero, a non-profit team of about 20 volunteers creating a smart phone app that will help users shift the culture away from fossil fuels and toward a massive climate mobilization. It track users’ greenhouse gas emissions and helps them to reduce those emissions, but it’s much more than that. It also helps them engage politically, and to create communities with others who share their interests, both in terms of advocacy and low-carbon living. 

Earth Hero is still a work in progress, and we could use your help! We are especially interested in Swift and Java developers. If you’d like to pitch in, please contact me. 

Book #2

My second book: coming soon. It focuses on the youth perspective. Greta Thunberg has agreed to write the forward. It’s a clear overview of the science and solutions, but above all it focuses on connecting with readers emotionally. But it’s really not a YA book: while it focuses on the youth perspective, it’s intended for all ages. The book is my highest non-science priority and it’s going too slowly!

I’m currently about 1/3 done with the manuscript and looking for a literary agent. If you are an agent who might be interested in this project, or you may have a referral, please contact me.

When we truly accept the reality of climate breakdown and let it into our emotional selves, we might feel grief, or rage, or terror, or a complex mix of emotions. However, if we don’t do this, it means we’re holding Climate Truth at arms length, which means we’re still in denial at some level, which means we won’t be doing everything we can to stop climate destruction. Acceptance is the key to action, but acceptance takes courage.

Climate Beers are a way to meet with other climate freaks and express our emotions. I hope this might lead to greater community, greater acceptance, and greater action. We are in this together. gives simple guidelines for facilitating a Climate Beer in your community. Like all my projects, I could use your help – please contact me!

Climate of Hollywood

I’ve been talking to writers, producers, documentarians, actors, financiers and others to see how we can be more effective at communicating climate breakdown. I mean, I live in Los Angeles, and Hollywood is a tremendous resource – and just like everyone else, people in film and TV are starting to climate freak. They have the storytelling skills and platform, and I have the science… let’s talk!

One team I’m a part of is working on short educational films for kids, especially high school kids. Another team is seeking to get realistic climate stories – Climate Truth – into high-profile TV shows and films. More on all this, soon… 

Caltech/JPL brain trust for California

I’m part of an informal group of about a dozen Caltech and JPL scientists, economists, and engineers meeting about once a month to advise CA Assemblymember Chris Holden, Chair of the Standing Committee on Utilities and Energy. One of my goals is to get California to declare Climate Emergency. I have about a hundred other ideas, too.

Self care: Soccer, Earthy stuff

I play soccer every Sunday in a league composed entirely of AYSO coaches and referees. I also moved to a new house this summer, so I’m in the process of planting a bunch of fruit trees – especially Reed and Pinkerton avocados – and generally getting my garden and compost on. Yes, I still compost my poop (and it’s actually an amazing practice that more people should do). And I’m always looking for ways to live well and with less fossil fuel – which to me is also self care.

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